So Many Fidels (ebook)

So Many Fidels (76 pages, A4, .pdf) is a workbook for English-speaking adults learning to read and write Amharic fidels. Attempting to memorise the entire script (200+ fidels) can be overwhelming. This book breaks it down, and introduces new fidels in manageable groups. Each chapter includes sections on pronunciation and penmanship, as well as practice exercises. With additional sections on numbers and punctuation, So Many Fidels is an English-speaker’s ultimate workbook for Amharic literacy.

  • “So Many Fidels” includes both typed and handwritten versions of the letters, to help you develop your penmanship. Printable pages are ideal for breaking out your pen/pencil and practicing the new shapes.
  • Instead of introducing all the fidels at once (so overwhelming!), So Many Fidels teaches a few at a time. With practice exercises (and answer keys), you’ll soon be writing and reading Amharic vocabulary words in fidel!
  • More challenging pronunciations are found in the later chapters of the book, so you’ll have plenty of time to learn the fundamentals before the hard part. Visuals help you identify patterns and similarities between fidels.

download the So Many Fidels ebook:

  1. Click on the “subscribe” button below to purchase the ebook ($10). Don’t worry, it’s a one-time payment (not a subscription).
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What’s inside?

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