Spanish-Swahili Shared Vocabulary (Cognates)

I’m currently beginning to learn Spanish, having already studied Swahili for several years. I always find that one of the easiest ways to learn vocabulary in a new language is to find similar words in a language I already speak. It roots it immediately in my brain, making the new words feel intuitive.

So, this is a little collection of words that are similar-sounding (cognates) in Swahili and Spanish. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re directly etymologically linked — Portuguese had a stronger impact on the development of Swahili, because of the Portuguese presence along the coast of east Africa. But, because Portuguese and Swahili are related, and Portuguese and Swahili are related, there are some Spanish-Swahili cognates that can help me out as a language learner.

money (generally)peso (also refers to weight)pesa

If you know of any others to add to the list, please comment below!

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