One Backpack (Beginner’s Swahili Reading Practice)

With a trip to eastern Africa soon approaching, I’ve been working to dust off my very rusty (and, at this point, frankly quite mediocre) Swahili. Regardless of the current condition of my language skills, work pays off, so it’s time to but in the elbow grease!

So, I’ve written the following passage in Kiswahili, as a writing exercise for myself. It’s quite basic, but I figured it could be decent reading practice (just like it was good writing practice for me). If you’re also a beginner, hopefully this is good practice, and if you’re fluent/advanced, please feel free to comment with any suggestions/corrections!

“Mfuko wa Begani Mmoja” (One Backpack)

Kwa safari yangu ya Afrika Mashariki, nina mfuko wa begani mmoja. Katika mfuko, nina nguo, sabuni, vitabu, na kilalio. Sina nguo nyingi, kwa sababu mfuko si mkubwa sana. Nitabeba mfuko mwenyewe wakati wa safari hiyo, kwa hiyo sitaki mfuko mkubwa.

Kabla ya safari, wasafiri wanafikiri mengi kuhusu mifuko yao. Lakini, baada ya safari kuanza, hawafikiri juu ya mifuko yao. Mifuko si muhimu sana, na mimi nimechoka kufikiri juu ya mifuko yangu! Nimechoka kusubiri. Niko tayari kwenda, na ninataka kupata ndege!

For my trip to East Africa, I have one backpack. In the backpack, I have clothing, soap, books, and a sleeping bag. I do not have a lot of clothing, because the bag is not very big. I will carry the bag myself during the trip, so I do not want a heavy bag.

Before a trip, travellers think a lot about their bags. But, after the trip starts, they don’t think about their bags. Bags are not so important, and I am tired of thinking about my bag! I am tired of waiting. I am ready to go, and I just want to get on the plane!

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