Somali Bus Station Conversations

Here is a quick run-down of some essential sentences and phrases that might be useful when taking public transport.

  • Xagee tagaysaa? = Where are you going?
    (answer: ___ tagayaa = I am going to ___)
  • Gorma tagayaa? = When is it going?
    (potential answers could involve be iminka/now, maanta/today, galab/afternoon, habeen/evening, beeri/tomorrow, subax/morning, or a number plus saac/o’clock)
  • Xaggee ayaan tigidh ka soo iibsan karaa? = Where can I buy a ticket?
  • Waa immisa lacagta busku? = How much is the bus ticket (cost)?
    (the answer will probably involve numbers)
  • Immisa ayaa inoo jirta? = How far is it?
    (the answer will probably be either saacado/hours or kilometres, with numbers)
  • Ma busas kale ayaan ku baddelayaa? = Do I have to change buses?
  • Xagee ka heli kara ___? = Where can I find ___?
    (alternatively, perhaps a bit simpler: ___ meeye? = Where is ___?)
  • soco dalka = travel
  • dalxiis = visit
  • bus istob = bus stop
  • halkan = here
  • bus(ka) = bus
    (buska danbe = the next bus)
  • boyad = truck
  • gaadhi = car

As always, I am a beginner, and would appreciate any comments/corrections!

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