Somali Clothing Vocabulary (22 WPD: Day 6)

I’ve been finishing up packing, so I’ve definitely got clothing on my mind! So, I figure today is as good of a day as any to learn some clothing vocabulary in Somali.

I already learned on Day 1 of this challenge that “clothes” in Somali is “dhar(ka),” and I’m ready to dive into the rest!

Part 1: Translate-able Dharka Vocabulary

  1. shirt = shaati
  2. pants = surwaal
  3. jacket = jaakad
  4. socks = sharaabaad
  5. shoes = kabo
  6. hijab = xijaab
  7. skirt = goonno
  8. belt = suun
  9. necklace = silsilad
  10. bracelet = jijin
  11. shawl = shalmad
  12. bra = rajabeeto
  13. underwear = nigis
  14. earring = hilqado

Part 2: Non-Translateable Dharka Vocabulary

There are various items of clothing, well-known in Somali culture (even though not everyone wears them), which don’t really have an English equivalent. Instead, I’ve tried to write up brief definitions for each one.

  1. macawis = men’s traditional sarong, tied around the waist
  2. koofiyad = men’s hat, often embroidered
  3. guntiino = women’s traditional dress, a long cloth draped over the body
  4. gorgorad = women’s slip/underskirt, worn with a guntiino
  5. dirac = women’s kaftan-style dress
  6. shash = headscarf worn by women
  7. garbasaar = women’s shawl
  8. abaaya = women’s dress with long sleeves

Actually Learning the Vocabulary

Some days, you just stare at the words and repeat them to yourself until you learn them. Kids, this is not best practice, don’t model your study habits off of this — but for today, it’s the reality for me.

Day 6, done! 132 words down, 3,868 left to go!

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